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Magnetometer Calibration Scheme for Quadrotors with On-Board Magnetic Field of Multiple DC Motors

Haiwei Liu  Ming Liu  Yunjian Ge  Feng Shuang  
【摘要】:正This paper presents a 3D calibration approach of magnetometer with a new fitting error function.Unlike some iterative and numerical approaches,the method has closed form solution with great simplicity and therefore can be easily implemented by microcontroller-based on-board pilots of miniature unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) with a potential of in-flight calibration.The experimental validation on a quadrotor in our laboratory shows its efficiency profoundly owing to its close analytical solutions.The approach was further applied to evaluate the impact of the on-board magnetic field generated by the permanent-magnets of DC motors of the quadrotor at different thrust levels,and the result shows that the relation between UAV's thrust command and motors-induced magnetic bias can be simply fitted by a linear function,which can be used for precise heading calculation during flight.

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