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Prevalence,risk factors and clinical correlates of insomnia among front-line medical staff in Ningbo and Wuhan(assisted by Ningbo) during the COVID-19 outbreak

Xingxing Li  Haihang Yu  Guolin Bian  Zhenyu Hu  Xiaoli Liu  Qi Zhou  Chang Yu  Xiang Wu  Ti-Fei Yuan  Dongsheng Zhou  
【摘要】:Objective:2019 novel coronavirus disease(COVID-19) caused huge public health problems.However,the psychological impact on medical staff has been ignored.The purpose of this study was to investigate the sleep status and related factors of insomnia among medical staff in Ningbo and Wuhan(assisted by Ningbo) during the outbreak of COVID-19.Method:A cross-sectional study of 948 medical staffs in Ningbo and Wuhan was conducted online from February 15 to February 22,2020.Demographic data were collected with questionnaire stars,and mental health variables were evaluated by Athens Insomnia Scale(AIS) and Self Reporting Questionnaire-20(SRQ-20).Results:There was no significant difference in sex,age,educational background and marital status between the medical staff in Ningbo and Wuhan(all p0.05).According to the insomnia severity index(total score≥6),the medical staff in Wuhan had higher insomnia than in Ningbo(58.90 vs.24.97%;p=0.001),and had more severe physical and psycho-emotional symptoms(13.24 vs. 8.64%;p=0.044). Multivariate Logistic regression analysis showed that among the medical staff in Wuhan,the symptoms of insomnia were related to gender(OR=1.379,P=0.042,95% CI=0.65-2.17),education(OR=1.54,P=0.0076,95%CI=0.69-2.52),and physical and psychoemotional symptoms(OR=2.124,P0.01,95%CI=1.69-2.67).Among the medical staff in Ningbo,they are not only related to physical and psycho-emotional symptoms(OR=1.60,P0.01, 95%CI=1.48-1.74),but also related to marital status(OR=0.57,P=0.046,95%CI=0.33-0.99).Conclusion:Our study found that front-line workers in Ningbo who went to support Wuhan had a higher rate of insomnia.While we are talking about patients,we should also give medical staffs more rest time and intervene in time for insomnia among medical staff.

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