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Association of ambient Particulate matter 2.5 with intensive care unit admission due to pneumonia: a distributed lag non-linear model

【摘要】:We hypothesized that PM2.5 was independently associated with ICUp and there was a non-linear time lag effect. All ICU admissions occurred from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016 in Sir Run-Run Shaw hospital were included in the study. The primary reasons for admission were categorized into pneumonia and non-pneumonia. Distributed lag non-linear model(DLNM) was built to account for the effect of air quality parameters in both value and temporal lag dimensions. There was a total of 7487 ICU admissions during the study period, including 391 admissions due to pneumonia. The DLNM showed that the relative risk(RR) of ICUp increased with PM2.5 concentrations. At a PM2.5 concentration of 200 mcg/m3, the RR increased from 1.06(95% CI:0.57-1.95) at day 0 to 1.40(95% CI:1.05-1.86) at day 3, and returned normal at day 6(RR:1.13; 95% CI:0.83-1.55).

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1 杰克;[D];华东理工大学;2014年
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4 陈幸欢;民事诉讼自认制度探析[D];西南政法大学;2008年
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