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Regression of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung by Chinese herbal medicine:a case with an 8-year follow-up

H.L.M.Liang  C.C.L.Xue  C.G.Li  
【摘要】:A 51-year-old woman diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma(SCC) of the lung(T_2N_2M_0) by cytological tests and a CT scan has survived for 8 years.During this period of time,she had been treated with Chinese herbal medicine alone for 4 years.The herbal prescription consisted of nine Chinese medicinal herbs.These herbs have been reported to possess anti-tumour and immune enhancing effects.Therefore,it is suggested that the herbal treatment for this patient might have contributed to the complete regression of her lung carcinoma.Further research on the actions of these herbs is warranted.

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