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Comparative Proteomic Analysis of IBA-Induced Proteins during Adventitious Root Organogenesis of larch

【摘要】:正Gymnosperms,especially conifers,are of great interest for reforestation and most importantly for pulpwood.A lack of competence to form adventitious roots by cuttings occurs commonly and is an obstacle for the vegetative propagation and rapid fixation of elite genotypes. Molecular mechanism of root induction by auxins is complex,and to a large scale,the genes involved remain unknown and their expression uncharacterized.In this study,the process of adventitious root organogenesis of Larix kaempferi(Lamb.) Carr.was investigated and which could be divided into three stages-adventitious root induction,adventitious root primordia initiative cell formation and adventitious root primordia formation.Phytohormone level changes accompanied with adventitious root development,the effect of exogenous IBA on adventitious root development is mainly increasing the content of endogenous IAA in the induction stage of adventitious root development.Toward this,protein abundance was measured using two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis(2-DE) in water- and IBA-treated stem cutting samples and 33 proteins were identified by MALDI-TOF/TOF MS.Those proteins related to various biological metabolisms such as photosynthesis,respiration,signal transduction,cell division and differentiation which were important for adventitious root development.Two of proteins- malate dehydrogenase and cytochrome c oxidase subunit 6b changed statistically significant after IBA treatment.The full-length cDNA of LkMDH and LkCcO6b were isolated and qRT-PCR experiments indicated the differential expression of these genes by IBA treatment during adventitious development.Taken together,these results will help understanding of the molecular mechanism of adventitious root formation in L.kaempferi which can be used for other conifer species.

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