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Saponifying P507-kerosine organic phase by rare earth hydroxide for lowering acid-base consumption and waste water emission

Li Hongyang  Li Yanyang  Wang Kang  Zhou Huajiao  Li Bingwei  Liu Yanzhu  Zhou Xuezhen  Li Jing  Li Dongping  Li Yongxiu  
【摘要】:Rare earth hydroxide(REHO) obtained from the alkali conversion of rare earth phosphate and fluorocarbon minerals(REPFM) was used to saponify P507-kerosine organic phase for the counter current extraction separation of rare earths. Therefore, the dependence of the loaded concentration of rare earth in organic phase(LCREOP) and the acidity of raffinate(pHR) on the initial concentration of rare earth in aqueous phase(ICREAP), the phase ratio of organic phase to aqueous phase(R=O/A) and the stage number(SN) of counter current extraction were studied in this paper. The results showed that LCREOP increased with the decrease of R, the increase of ICREAP or SN. Accordingly, the outlet LCREOP can be easily controlled by adjusting R, ICREAP and SN, and qualified organic phases with LCREOP ranging from 0.16 to 0.24 mol/l can be obtained. Therefore, a new process consisting of a countercurrent saponification unit(CSU) for producing required P507-kerosine organic phase and a acidic raffinate recycling unit(ARRU) for dissolving REHO and obtaining required aqueous phase was developed. This process is expected to be applied in the green and low cost separation of such resources for reducing the acid-base consumption and waste water emission via the circulating utilization of acidic raffinate.

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