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Discovery of Aquaporin-3 as a sperm protein essential for postcopulatory sperm osmoadaptation

【摘要】:正In the journey from the male to female reproductive tract,mammalian sperm experience a natural osmotic decrease(e.g.,in mouse,from~415 mOsm in the cauda epididymis to~310 mOsm in the uterine cavity).At one hand,the hypotonic stress upon ejaculation is beneficial for mouse sperm motility "start-up"(evolutionary trait from fish sperm);However,the hypotonic stress could also cause potential harms to sperm function by inducing un-wanted cell swelling.To counteract this negative impact, mammalian sperm have acquired mechanisms to drive rapid transmembrane water movement for efficient cell volume regulation.Previous physiological and pharmacological studies have shown that ion channel-controlled water influx/efflux is actively involved in the process of sperm volume regulation; however,no specific sperm proteins have been found responsible for this rapid osmoadaptation.In this study,we demonstrated that aquaporin3(AQP3) is localized in sperm tail membrane of mice and humans. Aqp3-deficient sperm show normal motility activation in response to hypotonicity but display increased vulnerability to hypotonic cell swelling,characterized by increased tail bending after entering uterus.The sperm defect is a result of impaired sperm volume regulation and progressive cell swelling in response to physiological hypotonic stress during male-female reproductive tract transition.Time-lapse imaging revealed that the cell volume expansion begins at cytoplasmic droplet,forcing the tail to angulate and form a hairpin-like structure due to mechanical membrane stretch.The tail deformation hampered sperm migration into oviduct,resulting in impaired fertilization and reduced male fertility.These data revealed AQP3 as an essential membrane pathway for sperm regulatory volume decrease(RVD) upon physiological hypotonicity,balancing the "trade-off' between hypotonic induced sperm motility and cell swelling, thereby optimizing postcopulatory sperm behavior.Given the similar expression pattern of AQP3 in human sperm,the clinical implication of this study in infertile/subfertile patients warrants further investigation.Further,the observation that AQP3 is critical for sperm cell osmoadaptation through regulatory volume decrease(RVD) could not be fully explained by considering AQP3 as inert pores simply for water permeability,suggesting there are alternative molecular mechanisms responsible for this function. Based on our data,we proposed a hypothesized model suggesting AQP3 might function as a part of the membrane osmosensing/mechanosensing system for the initial sensing of cell swelling and therefore,may "trigger" subsequent RVD events,a function based on aquaporins' homotetrameric structure.

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