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Letrozole Induced Changes in Bone Mineral Properties and Mechanical Functions of Laying Hens

Qiao Li  Jifei Xia  Shujie Wang  Zhenlei Zhou  Zhen Li  
【摘要】:Bone volumes and quality are closed-related to their hormone levels in laying hens.In this study,we investigated whether letrozole(LZ) induced effect on the physic-chemical properties of cortical bone in laying hens.After 9 weeks LZ treatment,we found that LZ could decrease estrogen level,as the results,the plasma tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase(TRAP) and bone Gla protein(BGP) activities were both suppressed significantly,and carbonate substitution inhibited significantly in humerus and femur by Raman spectroscopy examination in laying hens.Meanwhile,the mineral density and yield load capacities of humerus and femur were improved obviously.This study demonstrated that the high crystallinity and low carbonate substitution were tightly correlated withrelatively enhanced mechanical properties,and also elucidated biochemical mechanisms of estrogen in regulating mineralogical and mechanical properties of bones in laying hens.

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