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Family Socioeconomic Status and Emotional Adaption among rural-to-urban Migrant Children in China: The Moderating Roles of Children' Resilience and Parental Emotion

Silin Huang  Mingyue Han  Ling Sun  
【摘要】:Low family socioeconomic status(SES) is closely related to increased risk of children's emotional maladaptation. Although previous researches have found that low family SES was a significant and common phenomenon for most rural-to-urban migrant children in China, few studies have examined the association between family SES and emotional adaption, and further to identify the protective factors that may serve to minimize emotional maladaptation for these children. This research examined the associations between family SES and three indices of emotional adaption(emotion regulation, life satisfaction, and depression) and the moderating effects of children's resilience and parental emotion among 486 Chinese migrant children from rural to urban. The results suggested that family SES was significantly related to migrant children's emotional outcomes to different extents. Moreover, both children's resilience and parental emotion moderated the associations between family SES and emotional outcomes, although the protective effects of the two moderating variables differed in the three emotional outcomes. These findings suggested increasing children's resilience or parental positive emotion may be effective interventions and prevention programs to reduce emotional maladaptation for migrant children.

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