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Attitude towards nonsuicidal self-injury and its effect on the engagement in nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviors

Xiaoling Zheng  Jianing You  
【摘要】:Nonsuicidal self-injury(NSSI) has become more and more prevalent among young adults(Wilcox,Arria,Caldeira,Vincent,Pinchevsky, O'Grady,2012).It not only causes significant physical and psychological harm to selfinjurers,but also increases the risk of future suicide attempts(Guan,Fox, Prinstein,2012;You Lin,2015).According to theoretical and empirical research,a positive attitude towards NSSI may also lead to self-injurious behaviors(Nock,2009;Nock Banaji,2007;Franklin,Lee,Puzia, Prinstein,2014).However,all of the previous studies assessed the attitude toward self-cutting rather than the attitude toward NSSI as a whole with the use of laboratory designs.Thus,we developed a self-report NSSI attitude inventory to assess the attitude towards NSSI as a whole and aimed to examine the contribution of NSSI attitudes to the actual engagement in NSSI beyond the effects of depression by using this self-report NSSI attitude inventory.The study was performed with four university population in a big city in the southeastern coast of China.The present sample were 466 undergraduate students(67%female),including freshmen(50.9%),sophomores(14.4%),juniors(7.9%) and seniors(26.8%).And 51.5%(N=240) of the whole sample were from the rural areas,while 48.5%o(N=226) were from the urban areas.Participants completed a self-administered questionnaire including demographics,pastyear NSSI,depression,and attitude towards NSSI.Table 1 presents the numbers of participants engaging in each specific type of NSSI with different frequencies.Of all participants engaging in NSSI,38.2%o(N=39) reported that they had only engaged in NSSI once,while 61.8%(N= 63) reported having engaged in NSSI more than once.And result of the logistic regression,which was used to examine the effect of attitude towards NSSI on the presence of NSSI,was summarized in Table 2.The whole equation was significant(χ~2[2,N=466]= 69.93,p0.001),accounting for 21.4%(Nagelkerke R~2) of variance in the presence of NSSL After depression controlled for,attitude towards NSSI still explained 2.8%of variance in the presence of NSSL As indicated by the odds ratio,every one unit increment in attitude towards NSSI enhanced the risk for NSSI for 8%.This study represents the first attempt to examine explicit attitude towards NSSI by using a self-report NSSI attitude inventory.Findings suggest that NSSI has become a relatively common phenomenon in Chinese college students.And a positive attitude towards NSSI could make additional contributions to the engagement in NSSI behaviors beyond the effects of negative affect.Overall,the NSSI Attitude Inventory can be used to assess attitude towards NSSI and targeting joint efforts at intervening in attitude towards NSSI may contribute to reducing adolescents' engagement in NSSI.

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