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In Situ Structure of Intestinal Apical Surface Reveals Nanovilli on Microvilli

Hao Zhu  Meijing Li  Ruixue Zhao  Ming Li  Zhaodi Jiang  Yongping Chai  Zhiwen Zhu  Yihong Yang  Wei Li  Zhongyun Xie  Xiaomin Li  Kexin Lei  Wanzhong He  Xueming Li  欧光朔  
【摘要】:正Microvilli are actin bundle-supported membrane protrusions essential for absorption,secretion,and sensation.Microvilli defects cause human diseases,including gastrointestinal disorders and inherited deafness; however,mechanisms controlling microvilli formation and organization remain unclear.Here,we study microvilli by vitrifying the C.elegans larvae and mouse intestinal tissues with high-pressure freezing,thinning them by cryo-focused ion beam milling,cryo-electron tomography,and sub-tomogram averaging.

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1 Hao Zhu;Meijing Li;Ruixue Zhao;Ming Li;Zhaodi Jiang;Yongping Chai;Zhiwen Zhu;Yihong Yang;Wei Li;Zhongyun Xie;Xiaomin Li;Kexin Lei;Wanzhong He;Xueming Li;欧光朔;;In Situ Structure of Intestinal Apical Surface Reveals Nanovilli on Microvilli[A];第七届全国冷冻电子显微学与结构生物学专题研讨会论文集[C];2021年
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中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前1条
1 Usman(乌斯曼);复杂流体的数值研究[D];北京科技大学;2021年
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1 杨新伟;Thinning相依风险模型中最大化期望效用的最优再保险问题的研究[D];南京师范大学;2019年
2 Mohammed Aminu Saleh;[D];南京理工大学;2008年
3 曲宏辉;间伐对杨树人工林生态因子和氮素循环的影响[D];南京林业大学;2012年
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