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Direct synthesis of EM-visible gold nanoparticles on genetically encoded tags for single-molecule visualization in cells

【摘要】:正Single-molecule detection of proteins in cells with genetically encoded tags for electron microscopy (EM) has been a long-awaited but unimplemented tool for cell biologists. Here, we report an approach for directly synthesizing EM-visible gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) on cysteinerich tags for single-molecule detection in cells. We first uncovered an auto-nucleation suppression mechanism that allows specific synthesis of AuNPs on isolated cysteine-rich tags. We next exploited this mechanism to develop an approach for single-molecule detection of proteins in

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1 Segomotso Bagwasi;[D];华东理工大学;2012年
2 Muhammad Nasir;[D];华东理工大学;2013年
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1 Do Duc Tung;[D];上海交通大学;2015年
2 Mamdouh Dulaym Alanazi;[D];北京化工大学;2017年
3 邵小丽;微博语码转换的修辞研究[D];烟台大学;2016年
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5 何瑞珍;基于GIS林业管理信息系统研究[D];河南农业大学;2004年
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1 山东省嘉祥县职业中专 钱善华;读者来信[N];中国电脑教育报;2004年
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