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Rapid mapping of a stripe rust resistance gene in wheat cultivar Zhongliang 31 using BSA combined with high-throughput SNP genotyping arrays

Liu Huan  Su Wenwen  Chao Kaixiang  Li Qian  Yue Weiyun  Wang Baotong  Li Qiang  
【摘要】:Stripe rust,caused by Puccinia striiformis f.sp.tritici(Pst),is one of the most important diseases of wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) and causes substantial yield losses in many wheat-growing regions of the world.Identifying and utilization of new resistance genes is the most effective way for achieving durable disease control.Zhongliang 31,a common wheat highly resistant to Chinese predominant Pst races both in the seedling and adult-plant stages,has been grown widely in Longnan region in Gansu Province where is the hotspot for stripe rust pathogen.Inheritance analysis of F_2 and F_(2:3) populations indicated that the stripe rust resistance of Zhongliang 31 is controlled by a single dominant gene,temporarily designated as Yrzl31.Bulked segregant analysis(BSA) combined with wheat 660 K single nucleotide polymorphism(SNP) array showed 2050 of 9118 polymorphic SNPs located on chromosome 2 B.141 kompetitive allele specific PCR(KASP) selected from the 2050 SNPs and 165SSR markers on chromosome 2 B were used to map Yrzl31.Linkage analysis indicated that 49 markers were linked to Yrzl31 and the genetic distances of two closest flanking markers KASP AX-111650565 and AX-110196738 were2.8 cM and 4.1 cM,respectively.Also,Yrzl31 was located on wheat chromosome 2 BL.The chromosome location,resistance and molecular tests suggested that Yrzl31 may be a novel gene.Since this gene is present at low frequency in the current wheat germplasms in China,it can be pyramided with other effective stripe rust resistance genes using marker-assisted selection(MAS).

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1 Liu Huan;Su Wenwen;Chao Kaixiang;Li Qian;Yue Weiyun;Wang Baotong;Li Qiang;;Rapid mapping of a stripe rust resistance gene in wheat cultivar Zhongliang 31 using BSA combined with high-throughput SNP genotyping arrays[A];中国植物病理学会2018年学术年会论文集[C];2018年
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