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Finding Companions around KOIs via Light Travel Time Effect

【摘要】:Transit Timing Variation(TTV) of exoplanets are observed by Kepler and TESS,which is induced by lots of mechanisms.Gravitational perturbations from other planets in near mean motion resonance lead to high-amplitude periodic TTVs,which can be used to constrain the planetary masses.Tidal effects due to the host star can induce the orbital decays for close-in planets,and lead to linear TTV.Here we considering the Light Travel Time Effect(LTTE),which can also produce secular TTV signals for transiting exoplanets due to a distant and massive companion.Using Kepler and TESS data in a time spanning around 10years,we find some exoplanet systems with secular TTV,and are probably have LTTE.Combining with data from Gaia,the TTV signals based on LTTE model can be used to find the outer companion and to constrain the architecture of the planetary system.However,because of the small TTVs induced by LTTE,follow-up observations via photometry and Radius Velocity(RV) measurement are crucial to confirm the outer companions.

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1 王均刚;载荷分流式增速行星齿轮传动机构动态性能研究[D];山东大学;2014年
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1 杨南南;双行星混联式客车的优化设计与动态控制[D];吉林大学;2015年
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