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Photocatalytic hydrogen production over metal-doped Cd_xZn_(1-x)S under visible light

【摘要】:正Photocatalytic water splitting using solar energy has been regarded as an attractive solution to resolve the global energy and environmental problems,but most of the photocatalysts that have been reported only work in ultraviolet region due to their wide band gap.In order to use the solar energy more effectively,visible-light-driven photocatalysts must be developed.To control the band structure,both of the methods which are doping of foreign elements into active photocatalysts with wide band gap and making solid solutions between photocatalysts with wide and narrow band gaps are often used.

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1 Do Duc Tung;[D];上海交通大学;2015年
2 Mamdouh Dulaym Alanazi;[D];北京化工大学;2017年
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6 何瑞珍;基于GIS林业管理信息系统研究[D];河南农业大学;2004年
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1 山东省嘉祥县职业中专 钱善华;读者来信[N];中国电脑教育报;2004年
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