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【摘要】:正Purpose: The article is to select the optimal training technique for coaches to train the athletics in high jump. Methods: Megwin6000 surface EMG equipment and three-dimensional dynamic force platforms measurement intended for assessment and evaluation of muscle function and condition, and the varied dynamic graph. Results : The skill of traditional semi-squat jump with loads and the skill of eccentric semi-squat jump with loads were compared with spectrum (FFT) analysis and raw EMG averaging. The results showed that raw EMG of muscle activated and participated units of muscle when doing the skill of eccentric semi-squat jump preponderated over the skills of traditional semi-squat jump with loads. And show that skill of eccentric semi-squat jump with soft landing.

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中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
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中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前2条
1 Riana Bagaskorowati;[D];华中师范大学;2014年
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中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前10条
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中国重要报纸全文数据库 前3条
1 ;横跨四大行业 从容游走职场[N];北京商报;2007年
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