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Coupling Modes of Climatological Intraseasonal Oscillation in the East Asian Summer Monsoon

Zehao Song  Congwen Zhu  Jingzhi Su  Boqi Liu  
【摘要】:The present study used harmonic and multi-variant empirical orthogonal function(MV-EOF) analyses to identify the existence of climatological intraseasonal oscillation(CISO) in the diabatic heating, precipitation, and circulation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon(EASM). The strongest CISO signals are found in the north of the western North Pacific, possibly because of the horizontal gradient of diabatic heating induced by the seasonal land-sea thermal contrast. Further, the phase relationship between the diabatic heating components maintains the EASM CISO. The first two coupling modes of EASM CISO in the circulation are robust during May through August, with a period of 40–80 days, and exhibit phase-locking to the stepwise establishment of the EASM, which reveals the coaction of the Mongolian cyclone(MC) around Lake Baikal at 850 h Pa, the western North Pacific subtropical high(WNPSH) at 500 h Pa, and the South Asian high(SAH) over the Tibetan Plateau(TP) at 200 h Pa. The first mode shows that the jointly enhanced MC, WNPSH and SAH correspond to atripole rainfall anomaly with strong Mei-Yu and Baiu fronts over East Asia. The second mode, however, indicates the eastward and northwestward propagation of MC and WNPSH, respectively, with suppressed SAH, as well as a dipole rainfall anomaly over East Asia. Both the observations and numerical simulation verify the importance of daily diabatic heating and SST in maintaining the CISO modes over the WNP, where the condensation heating related to atmospheric forcing determines the local intraseasonal air-sea interaction.

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