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New Insights into Nanostructure and Geochemistry of Bioapatite in REE-Rich Sediments: LA-ICP-MS,TEM,and Z-Contrast Imaging Studies

Jianlin Liao  Xiaoming Sun  Dengfeng Li  Rina Sa  Yang Lu  Zhiyong Lin  Li Xu  Runze Zhan  Yuguan Pan  Huifang Xu  
【摘要】:正Rare earth elements (REE) and yttrium (Y), termed as REY, are recently found to be extremely enriched in some pelagic sediments,which could be an important resource for REY in the future. However, their enrichment mechanism remains controversial (or under debate).Because biogenetic apatite is one of the most important REY carriers in REY-rich deep-sea

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1 Jianlin Liao;Xiaoming Sun;Dengfeng Li;Rina Sa;Yang Lu;Zhiyong Lin;Li Xu;Runze Zhan;Yuguan Pan;Huifang Xu;;New Insights into Nanostructure and Geochemistry of Bioapatite in REE-Rich Sediments: LA-ICP-MS,TEM,and Z-Contrast Imaging Studies[A];中国矿物岩石地球化学学会第17届学术年会论文摘要集[C];2019年
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