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Targeting the Undruggables:A 20-year Pursuit

【摘要】:正In this lecture, I will present our 20-year pursuit to target protein-protein interactions, which have been considered undruuggables, using a computational structure-based design strategy. Our research has resulted in the discovery and advancement of 8 small-molecule inhibitors into Phase I-II human clinical development and additional compounds in advanced preclinical development studies. I will present our discovery of highly potent and specific small-molecule inhibitors targeting protein-protein interactions involved in regulation of apoptosis (inhibitors of apoptosis proteins, MDM2 and Bcl-2 family proteins), as well as our recent research in design of small-molecule degraders targeting transcriptional factors such as STAT3.

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1 苏迪(Mohammed El Habib Souidi);基于协作机制的多Agent追捕研究[D];哈尔滨工业大学;2017年
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1 沙桐;异化理论视阈下《低地》中人物自我追寻的困境解读[D];大连外国语大学;2019年
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17 唐川雁;压缩感知中的高效重构方法研究[D];杭州电子科技大学;2019年
18 王琳;解析浮士德的现代人困境[D];大连理工大学;2016年
19 闵辉辉;追续权制度研究[D];西南政法大学;2015年
20 张华;心灵的追求[D];辽宁师范大学;2012年
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