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Constructing metal-porphyrinic framework-based composite photocatalysts with visible-light-driven photocatalytic activities

Bao Zhang  Yanming Zhao  Yaqing Feng  
【摘要】:Porphyrinic metal-organic frameworks(porph-MOFs) have recently been shown as promising photocatalyst candidates due to their large surface area,high visible light harvesting efficiency,and semiconductive properties,but challenges still remain for their rapid charge recombination.In this work,we report the design of an effectively visible-light-driven composite material,namely TP-222(Zn),containing a zirconium-based porph-MOF PCN-222(Zn) linked TiO_2 nanoparticles(NPs) via 4-mercaptopyridine as shown in Fig 1.The resulting composite material serves as an effective photocatalyst for degrading organic contaminants under visible light irradiation due to the synergistic effect between the highly dispersed TiO_2 NPs and the porph-MOF matrix.It is further confirmed by the fluorescence spectroscopy and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy that the remarkably enhanced photocatalytic activity of the TP-222(Zn) composite is attributed to the efficient charge separation with electrons injection from PCN-222(Zn) to TiO_2 NPs.Overall,this work provides a new strategy for the fabrication of highly efficient porph-MOFs-based composite materials for the visible light-driven photocatalysis.

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