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Applications of Chemoinformatics in Chemical Biology

【摘要】:正Chemical biology is a cross discipline concerning the fields of chemistry and biology that involves the application of chemical techniques and tools,often compounds produced through synthetic chemistry,to the study and manipulation of biological systems.It is a branch of life science,which studies and manipulates biological systems by using chemical techniques and tools[1].

中国期刊全文数据库 前20条
1 ;Unsteady aerothermodynamics:Proposal for the establishment of a new branch within the discipline of aerothermodynamics[J];Chinese Science Bulletin;2010年26期
2 Shengjue Deng;Yanbin Shen;Dong Xie;Yangfan Lu;Xiaolong Yu;Liang Yang;Xiuli Wang;Xinhui Xia;Jiangping Tu;;Directional construction of Cu_2S branch arrays for advanced oxygen evolution reaction[J];Journal of Energy Chemistry;2019年12期
3 邓天白;高格;吴亚楠;李俊;傅鹏;刘生;王敏;;A commutation analytical model for quench protection of the CFETR central solenoid model coil[J];Plasma Science and Technology;2020年06期
4 Kai Zhang;Xiao-Ting Xiao;Zhen Chen;Hua-Dian Wen;Ying Chen;;Optimization for Hydroforming Loading Paths of Parallel Multi-branch Tubes Based on Grey System Theory[J];Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology;2013年04期
5 ;Information rough communication based on both-branch fuzzy set[J];Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics;2011年02期
6 Rubén TORICES;;Adding time-calibrated branch lengths to the Asteraceae supertree[J];Journal of Systematics and Evolution;2010年04期
7 ;Yili Energy Starts up Calcium Carbide Project[J];China Chemical Reporter;2010年06期
8 ;Heng Seng Bank to Establish a Sub-branch in Beijing[J];China's Foreign Trade;2004年12期
9 史开泉,崔玉泉;Both-branch fuzzy decision and decision encryptionauthentication[J];Science in China(Series F:Information Sciences);2003年02期
12 ;The time lag spectrum of Cir X-1 on its normal branch[J];Science China(Physics,Mechanics & Astronomy);2010年S1期
13 史峰;黄恩厚;陈群;王英姿;;Bi-level programming model for reconstruction of urban branch road network[J];Journal of Central South University of Technology;2009年01期
14 Dobos Edit;;Little Adventures[J];英语大王;2014年05期
15 Mei Chen;Lu Zhang;Jin Xu;;Distributed implementation of the genetic double-branch structure in Escherichia coli[J];Chinese Science Bulletin;2014年33期
16 Vivian Wing-Wah Yam;;Preface[J];Science China(Chemistry);2010年10期
17 Shijun Wu;Zhaohua Lu;Jianmin Xu;Guangchao Chen;Yingan Zhu;Guangyou Li;;Genetic variation in growth traits and stem–branch characteristics and their relationships to Eucalyptus clones[J];Journal of Forestry Research;2015年04期
18 YOO Geun-jong;CHOI Hoon-ki;KIM Chul-hwan;;Characteristics of turbulent flow distribution in branch piping system[J];Journal of Central South University;2012年11期
19 唐雄贵;廖进昆;李和平;陆荣国;刘永智;董淼;;Design for Y-branch waveguides with wide angle and lowloss[J];Optoelectronics Letters;2009年06期
20 ;Maximum-likelihood detection based on branch and bound algorithm for MIMO systems[J];Science in China(Series F:Information Sciences);2008年03期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
1 ;Applications of Chemoinformatics in Chemical Biology[A];第六届全国化学生物学学术会议论文摘要集[C];2009年
2 DONG Zhi-xue;ZHAO Chuan-ji;Khorshed Alam Muhammad;HUANG Jun-yan;LIU Sheng-yi;;QTL mapping and gene identification of branch number in Brassica napus L.[A];中国作物学会油料作物专业委员会第八次会员代表大会暨学术年会综述与摘要集[C];2018年
3 E.Edirisuriya;;A New Way of Detecting Reconvergent Fanout Branch Pairs in Logic Circuits[A];第三届中国测试学术会议论文集[C];2004年
4 ;Tableaux for SLO and Its Three-Valued Normal Modal Logic[A];开放类逻辑论文集[C];2004年
5 WANG Dan-hua;HAN Yuan-yuan;XU Meng-na;LENG Xue-li;ZHANG Guan-min;TIAN Mao-cheng;;The effect of T-tube bending curvature on two-phase flow distribution characteristics[A];第十四届全国水动力学学术会议暨第二十八届全国水动力学研讨会文集(上册)[C];2017年
6 Martin Kupper;Jochen Brenneisen;Oliver Stark;Stefan Krebs;S?ren Hohmann;;Cascaded Fractional Kalman Filtering for State and Current Estimation of Large-Scale Lithium-Ion Battery Packs[A];第30届中国控制与决策会议论文集(4)[C];2018年
7 ;Council Meeting of The Global Rhetoric Society[A];国际修辞学通讯(2008-2015)[C];2015年
8 Zhixue Dong;Chuanji Zhao;Khorshed Alam Muhammad;Junyan Huang;Yueying Liu;Xiaohui Cheng;Shengyi Liu;;QTL mapping and Gene Identification of Branch number in Brassica napusL.[A];2018全国植物生物学大会论文集[C];2018年
9 ;Development of Water Resources Management[A];水利学科发展报告:2007—2008[C];2008年
10 Xueping Liu;Yibo Li;;Research on the Acquisition of Human Behavior Data Based on Kinect[A];第30届中国控制与决策会议论文集(3)[C];2018年
中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前7条
1 张俊妮;[D];西安外国语大学;2014年
2 Raphael Mhagama;[D];北京理工大学;2016年
3 陈思琳;银行支行网点个人客户关系管理研究[D];广东外语外贸大学;2020年
4 刘泳;基于拉格朗日松弛和分支定界算法的3PL运输调度问题[D];华中科技大学;2011年
5 曾燕妮;翼手目适应性进化分子机制的转录组研究[D];华东师范大学;2013年
6 王凯;完全性右束支传导阻滞在评估急性心力衰竭患者预后中的应用价值研究[D];南京医科大学;2017年
7 赵化正;时滞生物网络的非线性动力学分析与控制[D];河南理工大学;2012年
中国重要报纸全文数据库 前2条
1 复旦大学哲学学院 莫伟民;何谓福柯的“discipline”[N];中国社会科学报;2017年
2 本报记者 王娟;E-branch:新一代金融前端整合平台[N];科技日报;2000年
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