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Structural pattern and kinematic evolution of the Anziling gneissic dome: a case study of Neoarchean vertical tectonism recorded in the North China Craton

Chen Zhao  Jian Zhang  Guochun Zhao  Changqing Yin  Guokai Chen  Jin Liu  Xiao Wang  Wenliang Chen  
【摘要】:正The debate of Vertical versus Horizontal Tectonism in Archean cratons is a fundamental topic that was linked to the initiation of plate tectonics. The dome-and-keel structural pattern has been considered to be a major consequence of the vertical tectonism. Although such structural pattern was reported in some older cratons,

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1 Chen Zhao;Jian Zhang;Guochun Zhao;Changqing Yin;Guokai Chen;Jin Liu;Xiao Wang;Wenliang Chen;;Structural pattern and kinematic evolution of the Anziling gneissic dome: a case study of Neoarchean vertical tectonism recorded in the North China Craton[A];2020年中国地球科学联合学术年会论文集(三)—专题七:东南亚构造、沉积与资源环境效应、专题八:前寒武纪地质与超大陆演化、专题九:花岗岩成因与大陆地壳演化[C];2020年
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1 ABDELGALIL YOUSIF ELATTA(SUDAN);串并联高强度聚焦超声肿瘤治疗机中3PRS机构性能分析和运动学标定[D];华中科技大学;2005年
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