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Association of prenatal maternal cortisol with adiposity and cardiometabolic outcomes in early childhood

Shaowei Wu  Robert O.Wright  Elena Colicino  Heather H.Burris  Allan C.Just  Joseph M.Braun  Katherine Svensson  Kasey J.M.Brennan  Alexandra Dereix  Alejandra Cantoral  Lourdes Schnaas  Martha Maria Téllez-Rojo  Andrea A.Baccarelli  Rosalind J.Wright  
【摘要】:Objectives Disturbance in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal(HPA)-axis function may program childhood obesity and cardiometabolic phenotypes.We investigated whether prenatal Cortisol was associated with childhood adiposity and cardiometabolic phenotypes.Methods We characterized maternal HPA-axis function using 10 timed salivary Cortisol measurements collected over two days during pregnancy in 552 mothers from Mexico City,Mexico.We measured child anthropometric and cardiometabolic phenotypes at 4-6 years of age.Body mass index(BMI) z-scores were calculated according to World Health Organization reference.Generalized linear regression models were used to evaluate the association between maternal Cortisol variables and adiposity and cardiometabolic outcomes controlling for other potential confounders.Results In multivariable-adjusted models,an interquartile range(IQR) increase in area under curve(AUC) of prenatal Cortisol(4.0) was associated with increases of0.13 unit(95%CI:0.02,0.24) in BMI z-score,3.1%(95%CI:0.2,6.1) in body fat mass(BFM) and 2.4%(95%CI:0.3,4.5) in percentage body fat(PBF) among all children.There were significant interactions between maternal Cortisol at time 5 and PM slope and child sex on adiposity and cardiometabolic outcomes(i.e.,blood pressure and leptin).An IQR in maternal Cortisol at time 5(3.0 μg/dl) was associated with decreases of-0.09 unit(95%CI:-0.19,0.02) in BMI z-score,3.0%(95%CI:-6.2,0.4) in BFM,1.8%(95%CI:-4.3,0.8) in PBF and 0.5%(95%CI:-1.3,0.2) in waist circumference among boys;but increases of 0.10 unit(95%CI:0.01,0.19) in BMI z-score,2.7%(95%CI:-0.7,6.3) in BFM,1.7%(95%CI:-0.6,4.0) in PBF and 0.8%(95%CI:-0.05,1.7) in waist circumference among girls(p=0.003,0.02,0.045 and0.02 for interactions).Conclusion Prenatal Cortisol was associated with childhood adiposity and cardiometabolic outcomes among in a Mexican cohort,and there were significant sex-specific differences.

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