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Comparative Analysis of Transcriptomes among Bombyx mori Strains and Sexes Reveals the Genes Regulating Melanic Morph and the Related Phenotypes

Songzhen He  Xiaoling Tong  Kunpeng Lu  Yaru Lu  Jiangwen Luo  Wenhao Yang  Min Chen  Min-jin Han  Hai Hu  Cheng Lu  Fangyin Dai  
【摘要】:As a source of insect polymorphism,melanism plays an important role in ecological adaption and usually endows advantageous phenotypic-effects on insects.However,due to the mechanistic diversity,there are knowledge gaps in the molecular mechanisms underlying melanism and the related phenotypes.In silk moths,a recessive melanic mutant(sex-controlled melanism,sml) strain exhibits extended adult longevity.We took a transcriptome approach to perform a comparative analysis between this sml strain and a wild-type strain(Dazao).Our analysis resulted in the identification of 59 unique differentially expressed genes in the melanic mutant.Two key genes(laccase2 and yellow) involved in melanin formation were significantly up-regulated in melanic individuals.The laccase2 B-type isoform(BGIBMGA006746) was found to likely participate in the silkworm cuticular melanism process at late pupal stage.Moreover,we discovered 22 cuticular protein encoding genes with the possible function in melanin transport and/or maintenance.Based on our findings,we presume that the longer survival of the melanic sml male moths might be associated with the enhanced antioxidant defense systems and a reduction in the insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathway(IIS).These findings will facilitate the understanding of the molecular basis underlying melanism and the derived phenotypic-effects.

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1 Songzhen He;Xiaoling Tong;Kunpeng Lu;Yaru Lu;Jiangwen Luo;Wenhao Yang;Min Chen;Min-jin Han;Hai Hu;Cheng Lu;Fangyin Dai;;Comparative Analysis of Transcriptomes among Bombyx mori Strains and Sexes Reveals the Genes Regulating Melanic Morph and the Related Phenotypes[A];中国蚕学会第九届青年学术研讨会论文集(摘要汇编)[C];2017年
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1 Mohamed Hamed Arisha;利用EMS诱变创制辣椒新种质的研究[D];西北农林科技大学;2015年
2 Zahid Hussain Hulio;[D];大连理工大学;2019年
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1 Sepideh Mazhari Azad;[D];华东师范大学;2018年
2 陈尧;IL-15 mutant/Fc γ2a融合蛋白对溃疡性结肠炎小鼠模型的治疗作用及其机制研究[D];东南大学;2016年
3 Berhe Haile Gebreselassie;[D];湖南大学;2017年
4 Owusu Ampaw Eugene Ansah;[D];北京交通大学;2018年
5 GHULAM AISHIA;[D];华中农业大学;2016年
6 Emmanuella Esi Fletcher;利用微阵列研究铁过量诱导的家蚕(Bombyx mori)转录组[D];江苏大学;2019年
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