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Convergent evolution of genome size of mangrove

Shao Shao  Shaohua Xu  Suhua Shi  
【摘要】:Mangroves are woody plants growing in the extreme environment of intertidal zone on tropical and subtropical coasts.When invading intertidal zone,mangroves have convergently evolved similar phenotypic traits and the underlying genic convergence(Xu et al.2017).Since the high salinity of the intertidal zone may directly affect the cellular environment,mangroves also extensively modified their amino acid compositions and reduced gene family size.Such genome-wide changes indicate that mangroves may have unique genome features such as genome size.In this study,we collected and measured the genome sizes of 21 true mangroves from independent clades,and 8 mangrove associates.Comparing with non-mangrove,mangroves have significantly downsized genomes(P 10-9),whereas mangrove associates do not show this difference(P = 0.26).Comparisons based on phylogenetic relationships show that the genome size reduction occurred independently in the true mangrove clades.As the reduction in genome size has evolved independently at least 7 times,it appears to be an adaptive strategy of these woody plants to live in the intertidal zone.Since the environment of intertidal zone are with high salinity and low nutrient availability,the small genome size may increase genome stability and reduce energy consuming.

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