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On the Use of Advanced Focusing Techniques for Enhanced PA UT Inspection Capability

Guy Maes  Daniel RICHARD  Federico ZOTTIG  Guo Lei  
【摘要】:The first generation of portable phased array UT units has hit the market in the early 2000's. Their introduction and adoption has been a game changer for ultrasonic inspections of critical components in oil gas, aerospace, heavy industry and power generation plants. Over the last 5 years, several manufacturers have developed systems that offer far more power and performance than first generation units: larger data file size, better amplitude resolution, faster data acquisition rate and advanced on-board data analysis. Due to the improved efficiency in preparation, acquisition, analysis reporting of inspections, and to the availability of software tools that ensure code-compliance, phased array UT is now a mature and accepted technology. The next technological step involves Full Matrix Capture(FMC) and advanced focusing algorithms, e.g. Total Focusing Method(TFM). This new technology is already available, and efforts are on-going to make it truly industrially deployable: inspection speed, calibration tools, comprehensive software package, … An important phase in the industrial adoption of these promising techniques is the experimental validation of the improvement in flaw detection and characterization capability that they can provide. This paper will investigate how advanced focusing techniques implemented on a new generation of phased array UT systems can complement and enhance the existing inspection capability. Experimental results from various inspection configurations with realistic flaws will be shown.

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