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A GNSS Spoofing Detection and Discrimination Method for Smart Terminals

Zhongxiao Wang  Xiaolin Zhao  Hong Li  Mingquan Lu  
【摘要】:With the widely use of global navigation satellite system(GNSS) and smart terminals such as mobile phones and vehicle navigation devices, the security issue has gradually attracted our attention. It is necessary and urgent to study the applicable GNSS anti-spoofing method for smart terminal users. As a commercial receiver, the smart terminal has many limitations in defending spoofing, but the provided massive GNSS measurements make it possible to develop spoofing detection and discrimination method via multiple smart terminals. In this paper, we utilize Doppler and clock drift information produced by motion smart terminals, and use them to calculate Doppler with clock drift correction, which is different in the authentic scene and spoofing scene due to the Doppler effect of user motion. Based on this, in this paper we design a spoofing detection and discrimination algorithm, analyze the performance, and make field experiments. Experimental results show that the proposed method can detect and discriminate spoofing signals effectively when the smart terminal is at a low speed and provides measurements with a low data rate.

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