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Covert Wireless Communication on Beidou Short Message Communication

Maochun Wang  Weiwei Yang  Lu Xu  Xin Lv  Ye Chen  Qingchen Wu  Bing Liu  
【摘要】:As a significant feature and advantage of BeiDou navigation satellite system(BDS),short message communication(SMC) with the character of wide coverage and low communication cost,which is widely used in transportation,fishery,agriculture and forestry industries.However,due to the broadcast nature of wireless transmission,the security issue of SMC cannot be ignored.The existing security systems and research are mostly about encryption algorithms,without considering the protection of communication behavior and the transmitter's location.Against this background,we explore the covert wireless communication to guarantee the security of BeiDou SMC.Firstly,the warden's detection strategy is analyzed through hypothesis testing theory.Then,the covertness of SMC is discussed in two scenarios:whether the user's location information is exposed or not.The simulation results indicate that the user's SMC behavior can be effectively protected by using the jammer with random transmit power.

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