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BBB-passing oxaliplatin via activation of CX3CL1/NF-κB signal pathway of projection NK1R neurons contribute to the efficiency of synaptic transmission and acute mechanical allodynia

Zhen-Zhen Huang  Dai Li  Han-Dong OuYang  Cui-Cui Liu  Yun-Zhi Ling  Yu Cui  Xiang-Zhong Zhang  Xian-Guo Liu  Jia-You Wei  Yong-Yong Li  Wen-Jun Xin  
【摘要】:正Background:Studies showed that some chemotherapy drugs,such as oxaliplatin and paclitaxel et al,have not effect for the tumors of central nerve systemdue to the limited concentration of these BBB-passing drugs.Clinical evidences showed that these chemotherapy drugs can induce encephalopathy manifested as seizures,progressive gait and balance difficulties with frequent falls.However,it remains obscure whether the low

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1 易水;计算机专业时文选读[N];计算机世界;2005年
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