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Theoretical Simulation of Diode-pumped Alkali Vapor Laser

【摘要】:正Diode-pumped alkali vapor laser(DPAL)is a new class of laser,which combines some advantages such as high power and efficient diode-pumping,good thermo-optical characteristics in gas medium and high quantum efficiency,it is expected to realize high efficiency and high-average-power laser with good beam quality.DPAL offers CW laser radiations at near-infrared wavelength and can find a lot of applications in power beaming,drilling oil and gas wells and laser material processing. In this paper,the dependences of cesium laser output power on the pump power and band-width have been computationally investigated,based on the theoretical model of DPAL introduced by Beach A reasonable explanation has been given.

中国期刊全文数据库 前20条
1 刘斌;郑丽和;王庆国;刘军芳;苏良碧;唐慧丽;刘杰;范秀伟;吴锋;罗平;赵衡煜;施佼佼;何诺天;李纳;李秋;郭超;徐晓东;王占山;徐军;;Diode-pumped laser performance of Tm:Sc_2SiO_5 crystal at 1971 nm[J];Chinese Physics B;2017年08期
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19 Jeffrey Towson;;Cycling or Hitching?[J];Beijing Review;2016年45期
20 苗宇;张汉伟;肖虎;周朴;;High-power diode-pumped Yb-doped fiber laser at 1150 nm[J];Chinese Optics Letters;2014年09期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前20条
1 ;LD side-pumped 20W continuous single frequency Nd:YAG ring cavity laser[A];中国光学学会2011年学术大会摘要集[C];2011年
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4 ;A new governor control algorithm to suppress the pumped-storage unit" S" shape characteristic influence[A];第24届中国控制与决策会议论文集[C];2012年
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8 Liang Qin;Longfeng Lv;Qipeng Lu;Yu Ning;Yufeng Hu;Zhidong Lou;Yanbing Hou;Feng Teng;;Investigation of amplified spontaneous emission of CH_3NH_3PbI_3 perovskite crystal layer[A];第一届新型太阳能电池暨钙钛矿太阳能电池学术研讨会论文集[C];2014年
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18 Lihui LI;Zhifa YANG;Zhongjian ZHANG;;Siting method of the ancients in the excavation of Longyou Caverns 2000 years ago[A];中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所2012年度(第12届)学术论文汇编——工程地质与水资源研究室[C];2013年
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20 John Brotherton;;THEELAD~ SYSTEM[A];第三届全国重型肝病及人工肝血液净化学术年会论文集(上册)[C];2007年
中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前2条
1 张青天;石墨烯中自旋相关量子输运的研究[D];中国科学技术大学;2013年
2 王晶;石墨烯纳米结构中输运性质的研究[D];中国科学技术大学;2014年
中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前1条
1 Saadelnour Abdalla;[D];上海交通大学;2017年
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