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Study on C-IASI Roof Crush Performance Based on Orthogonal Test Method

Pan Zhihong  Song Jinhua  Liu Kang  Mao Ling  Hu Hao  Jiang Zhonghai  Lu Caifa  
【摘要】:Based on the actual test and simulation result,the paper selects 4 key factors like front windshield thickness,glass adhesive width,A pillar section structure with body side,and A pillar inner panel thickness from the view of vehicle system.By means of orthogonal test with 4 factors and 3 levels,the sensitive influence factors were found through only few calculations.Finally,the targeted optimization design was performed and the roof crush performance was effectively improved,providing guidance for practical engineering problems.

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2 王凯;功能化柱芳烃的构筑及自组装研究[D];吉林大学;2014年
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1 Joanne Morrison 文 中信期货 吴婵琼 编译;NYSE计划推出新的交易平台[N];期货日报;2015年
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