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Crash Failure Analysis of a Carbon Fiber Full-wrapped Hydrogen Cylinder with an Aluminum Liner and the Optimal Design of Its Layers

Liang Chen  Chen Ping  
【摘要】:Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have broad application prospects because they use clean and sustainable energy.However,their crashworthiness has drawn considerable attention.In this study,full-scale crashes with a hydrogen cylinder were simulated based on the LS-DYNA platform.Then,the crash acceleration curves were input into a detailed model of a hydrogen cylinder based on the ABAQUS platform.The results showed that the maximum stress occurs in the outermost layer of the geometric center from the front view.Finally,the angle of the helix layers and the inner pressure,which significantly affect the stress distribution,were discussed.The stress peak increased with increases in the inner pressure,whereas the stress fluctuation initially decreased and subsequently increased.In addition,with increases in the angle of the helix layers,the stress of the circumferential layers increased,whereas the stress of the helix layers decreased.

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