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Preparation and Property of High Heat-Resistant Ceramic Composited PET Separator

Zhao Zhongling  Wang Dan  Yu Lina  Han Jian  Zhang Kejin  Cui Xinran  Cao Tingting  Chen Shuli  
【摘要】:PET(Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate))- Al_2O_3 ceramic composited separator is prepared with organic adhesives PDA,and inorganic silane coupling agent and colloidal silica.The obtained separator is characterized in different ways.Morphology characterization by SEM shows that porous separator is obtained and Al_2O_3 is evenly distributed on it.The Gurley number of the separator is 8 s/100 cc.Thermal behaviour investigation and linear sweep voltammetry test show that the prepared separator has outstanding thermal performance and electrochemical stability.Half- cell assembled with the composited separator reveals an outstanding cycle performance and a good rate performance.Therefore,the separator may be a suitable and excellent candidate for application in power battery,especially the one with higher safety.

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