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Assess the eco-environmental damage in coal mining areas of the Loess Plateau:A case study of Datong coalfield,China

Huping Hou  Zhongyi Ding  Shaoliang Zhang  Yongjun Yang  Zanxu Chen  Yunlong Gong  Shanchuan Guo  Chen Wang  
【摘要】:More and more land is seriously damaged in the Loess Plateau in semiarid Northwest China by intensive coal mining, but land reclamation or ecological restoration progress is very slow.The assessment of eco-environmental damage is viewed as a critical tool to aid the restoration strategy decision-making process of local government.The purpose of this study is to develop a model for assessing the degree of eco-environmental damage in semiarid mining areas using a multi-criteria method.From the characteristics of eco-environmental damage in mining areas in the Loess Plateau,we proposed an assessment system with four hybrid influential factors:(1) geological hazard;(2) water loss and soil erosion;(3) land-cover and vegetation destruction;and(4)environmental pollution.The evaluation criteria were established and quantified based on the measure in the field on the Loess Plateau.Taking the Datong mining area on the Loess Plateau as a case study,the model was tested.The result showed that severely,moderately and slightly damaged areas were 9.86%,80.09%,and 10.04%,respectively.The degree of eco-environmental damage was assessed by many factors comprehensively,but the geological hazard element was the major factor,especially around the surface subsidence.The developed model was reliable in recognizing the ecoenvironmental damage because its result was consistent with the spatial distribution of subsidence.According to the assessment result,we adopted targeted measures of high intervention,moderate intervention and low intervention,improving and repairing the post-reclamation mining ecosystem,to ensure sustainable development in mining areas.

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