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Functional crosstalk of nuclear receptors in drug metabolism and lipid metabolism

【摘要】:正Nuclear receptor crosstalk represents an important mechanism to expand the functions of individual receptors.Liver X receptor(LXR,NR1H2/3),both theαandβisoforms are nuclear receptors that can be activated by the endogenous oxysterols and other synthetic agonists.LXRs function as cholesterol sensors which protect from cholesterol overload.LXRs have been shown to regulate a battery of metabolic genes especially those involved in lipid homeostasis.Constitutive androstane receptor(CAR,NR1I3) is a xenobiotic receptor that regulates the expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters.Loss of CAR function alters sensitivity to toxins, increasing or decreasing it depending on the compound.More recently,additional roles for CAR have been discovered. These include the involvement of CAR in the homeostasis of cholesterol,bile acids,bilirubin,and other endogenous hydrophobic molecules in the liver.Mechanistically,CAR thus form an intricate regulatory network with other members of the nuclear receptor superfamily,foremost the LXRs,in exerting it non-xenobiotic functions.Retinoid-related orphan receptor(ROR,NR1F1/2/3) including theα,βandγisoforms.Recent reports have shown that loss of RORαand/or RORγcan positively or negatively influence the expression of multiple PhaseⅠand PhaseⅡdrug metabolizing enzymes and transporters in the liver.The effects of RORs on expression of xenobiotic enzymes were reasoned to be,at least in part,due to the crosstalk with LXR.This review is focused on the CAR-LXR and ROR-LXR crosstalk,and the implications of this crosstalk in drug metabolism and lipid metabolism.

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1 齐策;具有抗氧化活性的磷脂运载体制备、鉴定和功能研究[D];江南大学;2011年
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中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前10条
1 赵素;河岸河床材料对水体自净能力的影响[D];华南理工大学;2011年
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