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The chromogen,structure,inspirations and applications of a photo-,pH-,thermal-,solvent-and mechanical-response epoxy resin

Kaiwen Zheng  Qi Zou  Yacheng Yang  Yingzhu Mao  Junying Zhang  Jue Cheng  
【摘要】:We report the finding of a photochromic phenomenon from a structural epoxy resin,which also has pH-,thermal-,solvent-and mechanical-response property.Through designing model compounds and doing confirmatory experiments,we find out that one kind of diarylmethane dye(Michler's hydrol blue) is the chromogen of this epoxy resin.Additionally,we propose and successfully verify the mechanism of this novel color-change phenomenon that it is an oxidation-heterolysis mechanism.Further,the Fourier transform infrared(FTIR) spectroscopy and gel permeation chromatography(GPC) data show that the chromogen can be used as a photo-initiator to initiate free radical polymerization.Additionally,the discovery process is inspiring,which can lead to many applications.

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