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Retrospective Analysis of Mental Disorder Patients with “Combination of Medical Care and Nursing Care”

Liangmei Chen  Guodong Wang  Zunxiao Dai  
【摘要】:Objective:To analyze the basic situation of patients with mental illness who have the demand of combination of medical care and nursing services.Methods:A retrospective analysis was performed on the disease types,course of disease,age and marital status of 600 inpatients in our hospital in recent 3years.Results:Among these patients,patients with schizophrenia were the most(347 cases),accounting for 57.8% of the total number of patients,followed by patients with dementia(154 cases),accounting for 25.7%;Course of disease ≥ 30 years,313 cases,accounting for 52.2% of the total number of patients,course of disease ≤ 10 years,52 cases,accounting for 8.6%;Most patients were over 60 years old:411 patients(68.5%);Under 60 years old:189,or 31.5%;130 patients were married,accounting for 21.7%,and most of them were single,accounting for 78.3%;Single people were divided into:209 divorced cases,accounting for 34.8%;Widowed 104(17.4%);157 cases were unmarried,accounting for 26.1%.Conclusion:At present,the combination of medical and nursing services for patients with mental disorders,chronic and elderly patients with schizophrenia,long course of disease,more single.

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