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Research on Ubiquitous Map Information Organization Oriented to Location-Based Aggregation

Si Wang  Guangxia Wang  
【摘要】:In the era of information and communication technology(ICT) and big data,the map gradually shows a new qualitative feature of "spatiotemporal ubiquitous" due to the extension of its object space and the geographic information it contains,which brings new challenges to map information organization.This paper analyzes the concept and information characteristics of the ubiquitous map.Based on that,it proposes a ubiquitous map information organization model oriented to location-based aggregation.This new model includes three parts as "ubiquitous map instance","location-based aggregation mode" and "map scene".This paper focuses on the "map scene" part which is the core of the model and contains two mutually mapped aspects as "content scene" and "representation scene".And both aspects are divided into three levels as "features" ←→ "elements" ←→ "scenes" according to ubiquitous map information characteristics and location-based aggregation mode.With cases of map decomposition,the application of the model is explained to illustrate its effectiveness.The model is expected to provide powerful data organization and management capabilities for ubiquitous map production and use.

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