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Arm-Root Curve Fitting Based on Body Surface Feature Points for Young Male

Kaili Liu  Hongshu Jin  
【摘要】:This paper is aiming to obtain an arm-root curve function performing the human arm-root size and shape realistically. A gypsum replica of upper arm for young male was made and scanned for extracting the 3 D coordinates of 4 feature points of shoulder point, the anterior/posterior armpit point and the axillary point describing the real arm-root shape under the normalized definitions, and the 5 landmarks were confirmed additionally for improving the fitting precision. Then, the wholly and piecewise fitting of arm-root curve with 9 feature points and mark points in total were generated respectively based on least square polynomial fitting method. Comparing to the wholly fitting, the piecewise fitted function segmented by the line between anterior and posterior axillary points showed a high fitting degree of arm-root morphology with R-square of 1, the length difference between fitted curve and gypsum curve is 0.003 cm within error range. And it provided a basic curve model with standard feature points to simulate arm-root morphology realistically by curve fitting for accurate body measurement extraction.

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