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Relevance of SIRS and Sepsis in Pediatric Liver Transplantation

M.Sasse  M.Boehne  I.Forstmeyer  N.Richter  F.Lehner  H.K?ditz  T.Kaussen  K.Seidemann  T.Jack  
【摘要】:Introduction: Liver transplantation(LT) in children has undergone significant changes over the last years. Especially the use of split and living donor transplants even for infants has led to new challenges in pre-and post-operative care. Systemic inflammatory response syndromes(SIRS, sepsis) as well-known complications after LT have not yet been systematically examined in the pediatric population. Methods: We analyzed clinical data of 39 pediatric liver transplant recipients regarding potential risk factors for post-transplant SIRS and sepsis. Secondly, the prognostic impact of SIRS and sepsis on post-transplant clinical course, patient and transplant-survival has been analyzed. Results: 64% of patients developed either SIRS(n = 16, 41%) or sepsis(n = 9, 23%) within 30 days after transplantation. No pre-transplant risk factors for increased susceptibility for SIRS or sepsis could be identified. Secondary closure of the abdomen(p = 0.045) and secondary biliary reconstruction(p = 0.043) were associated with a higher incidence of sepsis and were associated with significantly prolonged mechanical ventilation times in the presence of sepsis(p = 0.001). Patients with sepsis, but not SIRS, stayed significantly longer on PICU(p = 0.021) and suffered from higher mortality(n = 3 versus 0; p = 0.0006). All deaths within 30 days of transplantation were due to septic multiorgan failure. Neither early SIRS nor sepsis were associated with loss of transplant function. Conclusions: SIRS and sepsis are frequent events after pediatric liver transplantation. Sepsis increased length of PICU-stay and mortality significantly and prolonged duration of mechanical ventilation. Secondary biliary reconstruction and closure of the abdomen could be identified as potential risk factors for sepsis.

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