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Comprehensive Evaluation of Flood and Flood in the Yellow River Basin Based on Gray Correlation Analysis

Han Mo  
【摘要】:Due to the concentrated rainfall and serious soil erosion in July and August in the Yellow River Basin, the flood discharge is not timely leading to serious floods. Therefore, a reasonable assessment of the flood-affected areas, advance arrangements for the deployment of the Yellow River basin flood disaster prevention and control plays a decisive role. For this purpose, this paper proposes a level assessment method based on the flood which analyzes three factors related to flooding disaster(disaster impact range, social index, and property index) through the gray correlation analysis method, to evaluate the level of flood disaster. Different from the traditional assessment method, which evaluates the nature of flood from the perspective of indicators such as frequency, duration, and magnitude, or indirect factors such as rainfall and soil loss, this paper conducts qualitative calculation of macro-scale indicators from the perspective of post-disaster losses in previous years. This study provides a new way of thinking and method for the classification of the flood disaster, which has certain practical application value under the condition of conforming to its own use.

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