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Steering Law for Non-redundant Control Moment Gyroscopes

He Zhu  Jingmei Huang  Jingji Wang  Xiao Liu  Junxiong Yin  
【摘要】:As a kind of high-efficient actuator for angular momentum exchanging, single-gimbal control moment gyroscope(SGCMG) is widely used on the attitude maneuvering for agile satellites. Considering the situation when one or several SGCMGs encountered a mechanical failure and the CMG clusters degraded to a non-redundant configuration, this paper aims to solve the difficulty of steering law's design caused by the dense distribution of singularity points. Firstly, the asymmetry of the angular momentum envelope and distribution of elliptical singularity points are analyzed. Then, avoiding using Jacobian matrix,a novel steering law based on numerical iteration algorithm is designed to solve the inverse kinematics. Based on the Cyclic-Coordinate Decent(CCD) iteration, this method avoids the singularity of steering law due to the irreversible matrix and speeds up the calculation. Finally, typical numerical simulation results demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm,proving that the algorithm can avoid and escape the singularity better even when the initial gimbal angles are in singularity.

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