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Study on the influencing factors of adsorption rate of high voltage electrostatic spray system

Lin Zhen  Liang Shengkai  Xie Jinye  Pan Jiazhen  
【摘要】:The traditional plant protection spray operation in China is mainly manual, and the spraying method of spraying liquid is widely used. The spraying method is serious, the utilization rate of pesticide is poor, the work efficiency is low, and the labor intensity of operators is large. The effect of ordinary spray on plants is not good. Electrostatic spraying technology improves the existing pesticide use, improves the efficiency of use and reduces environmental pollution. Electrostatic spray also has efficiency problems. It is found that spray parameters have great influence on droplet deposition. In this paper, the parameters combination of electrostatic spray precision spraying is studied. The principle and characteristics of electrostatic spray are studied.The deposition rate and charge to mass ratio of electrostatic spray under different voltage, water pressure parameters and the ratio of charge to mass are compared with experimental results. The experimental results show that when the spray pressure is 0.60 MPa, the best performance is for the 10 collocation and optimization of electrostatic spray in practical application.

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