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Research on Satellite Cable Laying and Assembly Guidance Technology Based on Augmented Reality

Hailong Yang  Shuai Li  Xiaojun Zhang  Qun Shen  
【摘要】:Spacecraft satellite has the characteristics of large number of cables,many branches and complex layout.The traditional cable-laying task adopts the combination of viewing the two-dimensional electronic assembly process and browsing 3 D model,which shows some problems,such as poor understanding,inaccurate assembly accuracy,low efficiency and insufficient assembly-guidance.For this purpose,the application of augmented reality(AR) in the Aerospace Satellite cable-laying assembly was studied,using the SLAM positioning and tracking technology and ORB algorithm to solve the problem of multiple artificial markers and limited field of vision in the satellite cable-laying;The virtual real occlusion processing method based on contour tracking was used to solve the real occlusion relationship between virtual cable and satellite structure;Based on the deployment of Hololens,the AR visual cable laying guidance system was constructed.Through the immersive 3 D display and visual process information,the cable-laying assembly-guidance can be realized.Finally,it is applied to a certain type of satellite for application verification,the results show that augmented reality technology has a higher advantage than the traditional way in satellite cable-laying,and can effectively improve the efficiency and assembly quality in the satellite cable-laying assembly.

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