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Research on Maglev Train-Steel Beam Coupling Vibration Suppression Strategy Based on Flux Derivative Feedback

Lianchun Wang  Danfeng Zhou  Peichang Yu  Qiang Chen  Jie Li  Jinhui Li  
【摘要】:With the continuous expansion of commercial applications of low-medium speed maglev train, the problem of coupled vibration still exists under specific operating conditions, which requires us to pay more urgent attention. This article focuses on the coupling vibration of maglev train-steel beam. When coupling vibration occurs, corresponding measures must be taken to suppress the vibration. This paper considers the suppression method of maglev train-steel beam coupling vibration from the perspective of suspension control. Considering the correlation between the levitation force and the magnetic flux, the introduction of the magnetic flux derivative feedback can adjust the phase of the levitation force, which is beneficial to the suppression of the maglev train-steel beam coupling vibration. This paper will first analyze the stability of the coupled system model based on magnetic flux feedback, and then discuss the vibration suppression strategy based on the magnetic loop feedback control algorithm.

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