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Research on WSN Topology Algorithm Based on Greedy Shortest Paths

Xiaogang Wang  Jun Zhao  Jin Hou  Xiaolin Tang  Huafeng Wu  Ping He  
【摘要】:It is a common design in most of the current topology schemes of wireless sensor network that the cluster head nodes can communicate with base station(BS) node directly, which causes that the cluster head nodes consume too much energy and become the bottleneck of network performance. Therefore, a WSN topology algorithm based on greedy shortest paths is proposed in this paper. Firstly, selecting the backbone nodes of the network and constructing the backbone network to transmit messages and allowing the backbone nodes and cluster heads to exist separately. Secondly, the backbone nodes build a single source shortest path routing table based on the greedy algorithm and select the most suitable shortest path to transmit data according to the consumption of the backbone nodes. Thirdly, selecting the cluster heads based on the LEACH protocol, in which the cluster heads is responsible for collecting and compressing the data, selecting the nearest backbone node to transmit the data. It is shown by data calculation and analysis that the proposed topology scheme in this paper has more stable transmission network structure, less burden and less reconstruction frequency, and the cluster heads are only responsible for transferring the processed data to the backbone network. In addition, the cluster head consumption and the overall network consumption are significantly improved compared with LEACH.

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