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Decentralized Multi-agent Robotics Sailing Coordination-A Weighted Graph Approach

Zoey Guo  
【摘要】:In this paper we present a decentralized formation control method using weighted graphs intended for a multi-agent system of sailing robots. Sailing robots, when well designed, can operate continuously for long period of time. They face the challenge that their speed is affected by their sailing angle, and their movement direction is restricted to a certain range. Existing graph theoretic methods for decentralized multi-agent coordination assume uniform dynamics with respect to direction. In this study we takes into account characteristics of sailing and develop a weighted graph method with corresponding control law for a group of sailing agents under a given communication topology. Graph weights are used to select a persistent graph from the given undirected topology, for which the executability is discussed theoretically. Numerical simulation is performed for a triangular formation of 10 agents as an example to demonstrate the stability of the proposed method.

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