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Speed Observation of High-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Fuzzy MRAS

Yanzhao He  Jinxia Wang  Zhenyan Wang  Hong Wang  Quanwu Wang  Dazhong Wei  Zheng Zeng  
【摘要】:In order to improve the performance of model reference adaptive system(MRAS) in the speed observation of high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor(HS-PMSM), a method of MRAS speed observation based on fuzzy adaptive law is proposed by combining fuzzy control with model reference adaptive. On the basis of the magnetic field oriented control strategy, the improved MRAS is used to estimate the rotor position and speed, the current error and error variation are fuzzified as the input of the fuzzy controller, the output is the control increment, after defuzzification, it is used as the increment of rotor angular velocity. The simulation model of sensorless vector control of high-speed PMSM based on MATLAB/Simulink is built and analyzed. The simulation results have shown that, the proposed improved MRAS always achieves better performance and different operation conditions and provides the method is effective and feasible.

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