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Design and Implementation of Internal and External Network Isolation System Based on QR Code

Bo Hu  Chuncheng Han  Bo Li  Xiaoyu Zhang  Daqian Wang  Bowen Zhou  
【摘要】:In this paper, a data transmission method based on QR two-dimensional code is studied for data transmission between internal and external networks of power enterprises, including image enhancement, binarization, image localization, two-dimensional code cutting, image rotation correction, and image geometric correction. Aiming at the instability of light in practical applications, an improved canny algorithm is proposed to segment images quickly and accurately. By identifying the two-dimensional code pictures under four different illumination conditions, such as ordinary uniform illumination, weak illumination, strong illumination, and uneven illumination, the recognition accuracy and recognition speed of the classic canny algorithm and the improved canny algorithm are compared. The results validate the feasibility and accuracy of the improved canny algorithm. Thereby, the data transmission between internal and external network without physical coupling of the physical channel is realized by QR code, which truly realizes the isolation of the internal and external networks in power grid.

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