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Relative Localization for UAVs Based on April-Tags

Boxin Zhao  Zongzhe Li  Jun Jiang  Xiaolin Zhao  
【摘要】:The formation flight of small UAV is one of the main directions of its development. However, relative positioning between UAVs is a key technology to ensure effective cooperative formation flight of UAV. At present, small UAVs mainly rely on GPS module for positioning, which is not high enough in positioning precision and is unstable in indoor environments. Therefore, their own sensors become particularly important in determining the relative position relationship among the formation members. To solve the above problems, this paper designed a UAV flight relative positioning algorithm based on cooperative marker under the robot operating system(ROS), and applied it to the actual control of quad-rotor UAV AR.Drone2.0. The results showed that the UAV can follow the marker stably when the marker moves stably and slowly(1 m/s).

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